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CHOHANZ provides one stop solution of all of customer’s needs ranging from Software Development, Web Presence, Web Promotion and Business Automation. We not only develop a product but also guides our customers how to launch it in order to make it world class success. CHOHANZ provides all kinds of IT solutions. Where a solution doesn’t necessarily mean only Software Development rather it includes all the phases of a Product Development, Sales, Deployment and Maintenance. CHOHANZ mission is to make our customer’s dreams come true by providing whatever services it requires.
Welcome to our valued visitors. We appreciate your visit and interest in CHOHANZ products and services. Please follow Site Map to quickly see all the contents of this website or click on the appropriate tab link above to read about a particular section. We recommend our Offshore Software Development Clients to read Offshore Software Development Services section at the first step and then followed it by Portfolio. You can also use our Request Quote form to ask us for a Proposal free of charge for your task.

Since 2000, CHOHANZ is providing software development services to its respected clients with passion and comprehension. CHOHANZ’s real strength is in its talented programmers and hard working staff members. People at CHOHANZ believe in the best and want everything at the best level.
While providing offshore software development services, clients get the personalized insight that they need to stay a step ahead of other competitors. Project Managers at CHOHANZ, assure fast turnaround time, without any compromise on quality. Focused on developing easy, efficient and effortless solutions for the respected offshore clients.

CHOHANZ is not only passionate about strengthening your business, but is also focused on spearheading your company’s growth. People at CHOHANZ understand the offshore software development challenges and are prepared to ensure 100% success through applying the best practices based upon years of experience.

Here is a list of top 5 reasons to choose CHOHANZ Offshore Software Development services for your critical task
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Personalized Attention
  • Effective Communication
  • Best-suited Solution
  • Best Price
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